My name
is Ornela Freimane

and I am a founder and formulator of skincare products at ORNELA FREIMANE®

I am from Lithuania, originally, born in the seaside town of Klaipeda. My Family lived in a wonderful house not far from the Smiltyne Beach on the shores of the Baltic Sea. So, as a child, I would collect amber and tiny seashells from the beach almost every day. I was always mesmerised by the relaxing sound of the waves and the peace and calmness of those white drifting dunes.

When I was five years old our family moved to Zapyskis – a small town in Kaunas County on the left bank of the Nemunas River. I was once again lucky to be surrounded by Nature, to be able to eat organic food grown by my parents. Those memories of being surrounded by forests and lakes had a profound impact on me.

After studies at Agriculture University in Lithuania I moved to London. I soon realised that pollution and a busy lifestyle affects my body, my skin, my mind. I purchased a home in London with an orchard where I could build an aquaponic garden and grow organic food all year round. I always knew that ONLY Nature could slow me down, make me feel healthy and protect me from the toxic environment. But that wasn’t enough: I had to find a cure for my sensitive and very dry skin. I looked at the natural world to find the answer.

I began studying organic skincare formulation. I was certain that if Nature’s potions can heal me from inside, it can definitely cure my skin. I soon began to formulate high quality skincare products using only the best natural ingredients from around the World. I could immediately see the positive results on my skin, on my wellbeing. Once again Nature showed me it’s enormous healing powers.

ORNELA FREIMANE®   is the result of the good habits and family values instilled in me by my parents. They taught me to respect the Nature and work with it, not against it. It is the culmination of research, refinement, and the development of pure, luxurious and essential botanical skincare, handcrafted using only natural ingredients.

ORNELA FREIMANE®   is a KEY to a healthier, improved and radiant skin.

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